What a great day for Trick or Treating. The weather cooperated and the merchant's did a great job of decorating their windows. The customers voted on the best window and here are the results:

1st Place

Caulfeild Village Flowers

Halloween 2009 IMG_4385 [640x480].JPG

2nd Place

Caulfeild Art Gallery and Framing

Halloween LuisHalloween Soheila

3rd Place

Marilyn's Boutique

Halloween 2009 IMG_4384 [640x480].JPG

Halloween 2009 IMG_4376 [640x480].JPG
Halloween 2009 IMG_4373 [640x480].JPG
Where are the other 6 dwarfs? "As a matter of fact I got this bag in Paris"
Halloween 2009 IMG_4369 [640x480].JPG Halloween 2009 IMG_4367 [640x480].JPG
"Were we supposed to dress up for this event?" "Please no more bananas. I prefer candy"
Halloween 2009 IMG_4365 [640x480].JPG Halloween 2009 IMG_4364 [640x480].JPG
Coming directly from school. The guy on the left is a Hawaiian soccer player
Halloween 2009 IMG_4361 [640x480].JPG Halloween 2009 IMG_4385 [640x480].JPG

The Village Flowers window.
The ladies from Caulfeild Gallery and Village Flowers grace the day.
Halloween 2009 IMG_4383 [640x480].JPG Halloween 2009 IMG_4377 [640x480].JPG
Windsor Meats all decorated for Halloween It's time for me to hibernate.
Halloween 2009 IMG_4375 [640x480].JPG

I was hoping for a pair of shoes....
Halloween 2009 IMG_4362 [640x480].JPG
What would a Caulfeild Village event be without balloons?
Halloween 2009 IMG_4370 [640x480].JPG

Face painting was big hit.
Halloween 2009 IMG_4382 [640x480].JPG
Dave from Spa on the Rocks does a Rob Roy imitation.
Halloween 2009 IMG_4359 [640x480].JPG Halloween 2009 IMG_4368 [640x480].JPG
The Meli's of Pastameli's serve up Eye of Newt and "Eyedogs" Do you think you can trick BMO into dropping a few greenbacks into your pillow case?