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Community Corner - Roundabout Installation at Marine Drive and Keith Road in Horseshoe Bay

Construction of the roundabout at the intersection of Marine Drive and Keith Road is expected to start March 1, 2012. The District plans to take full advantage of the two-week Spring Break for round-about construction. Currently, crews have begun the watermain work which has to be completed before the roadworks begin.

The main features of the design include:
  • Roundabout with splitter islands
  • New street lighting
  • Improved bus stop facility with new sidewalk
  • Improved crosswalk across Marine - removal of the pedestrian signal
  • Improved laning on the bridge deck
The District is working with the school and the local neighbours to limit the impact and delays where possible. It is very important that parents carpool, or walk their children to school as much as possible. Safe walking routes will be provided.