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Caulfeild Village Welcomes New Tenant - Dollar Store Plus More

If you haven’t noticed a new Dollar Store With More in Caulfeild Village Shopping Centre, well it is time for a visit. Opened on November 19, 2011 the Dollar Store Plus More is a welcome addition to Caulfeild Village.

We asked Don and Sheri Rowles to fill us in on what it has been like to launch their new business. “We’ve hired local staff and had a wonderful response from the general public. Dollar stores are part of the mainstream retail and we feel welcome in Caulfeild.” When asked what surprises they have encountered Rowles replied, “We are stocking more higher end products and a wider variety in hardware. We’ve also upgraded our electronics and craft offerings. Generally we have better quality hardware.”

They expect their party business to grow in 2012. “We anticipate party supplies to make up 30 to 40% of our business this year and our focus is on seasonal events such as Easter, St. Patrick’s Day, Canada Day and of course kid’s birthday parties.”