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Melanie Dekker Performing July 17th at Caulfeild

Melanie Dekker

We are please to announce that local recording artist Melanie Dekker will be providing the entertainment for the Annual Sidewalk Sale at Caulfeild. Learn more about Melanie by clicking here.

Mel (as most of her friends call her) delivers playful and often potent messages in her songs, which explore the ups and downs of love and energize her audiences world-wide. Her guitar accompanies her most of the time though we’ve heard some of her most precious ballads also performed both acapella and on piano. Dekker’s vibe is vibrant & brilliant and she easily tells some stories about her songs which are mostly written when she feels intense attraction, longing or confusion. Her thick chocolate-like voice and her animated character set her apart from other female recording artists, though we sometimes hear that she sounds a little like Tracy Chapman, Emmylou Harris, and Sheryl Crow. Dekker heads! Enjoy the ride! … All of her tours have a diary are posted on her website, you can read about each place and concert … just as if you were in the band too.